Hello World

Hello World! I am finally writing a blog. Not that I haven't tried doing it before, but its for real this time.

Who I am.

Let me introduce myself. My full name is Xander Jake de los Santos, it's a mouthful I know. That is why I'm probably known by the general internet as xanderjakeq. You can find me almost anywhere with that username. I moved to Washington DC in 2015 from the Philippines.

What I do.

I consider myself as a creator, not defined by one thing. I make things interesting to me at the moment. Currently I am making web apps. I will write post about some of them later. But you can see them here.

My most recent ones are:

I am using React.js and Node.js for all of them. The more recent the project is the better the quality, as I apply what I learned from the previous projects. A new project is in the works, an end to end encrypted chat app. Soon, I hope to get into mobile development with Flutter.

Digital art is another thing that I try to get better at. Here's an example of my work. A fanart of Apex and Absolver, two games I really like.


This one was featured in one of Apex's Dev Stream. More art on my instagram. I also try to create music but not very good at it yet. I'll get better if I put time learning music (like most things).

Here's where I hang out online: