Deploy Sveltekit on Cloud Functions using adapter-node

What about firebase-adapter-node? I was using this adapter for my project before sveltekit@1.0.0 came out. I think it works fine, but the problem is that it is always behind the current version of sveltekit. You have to use earlier versions of sveltekit. But I don't want to wait.

The fear of Failure

For context, this is about the learning process. Most of us find it painful and scary to learn new things. I am talking about the fear that you can't do what you expect yourself to be able to do, to be a failure. I only talk from my experience and thoughts. Concepts might be a repeat from things all over the internet.


I like discord. I spend a lot of time on it and decreased my time on other social media. When I talk, I generally know who I'm talking to. It is also very customizable. Servers can be how the community wants them to work. In March, amreio had an event called 'Kimo' where artists draw every day for a month. If for any reason someone missed posting a new drawing for a day, they will be kicked out of the server. It is a good way to motivate people to keep drawing.

First Brainstorm Classes

After Anthony Jones’ mentorship, I didn’t know what to do next. I mentioned in my last post that I considered continuing the 6 sketches project suggested to me by Steven Zapata. The stuff I did for it is really bad and I tried polishing them just to see how I feel about it. I figured that I did not have enough skill to do it. Most of the project will be depicting a world from a story that my friend wrote. For most of my artistic journey, I’ve only really studied figures. Figure drawing, anatomy, portraits, anything to do with the human figure. Whenever I try to draw figures in an environment or draw the environment by itself, I fail. The painting always looks bad. If I want to make myself feel better, I’d say they’re not all bad, but they don’t feel right.

Art Update

It has been about 5 months since my last post. In that time, I'm kept on trying to improve my skills in art. I did a couple schoolism classes among other sources, and joined Sinix's ChromaCorps. I didn't really join it since I didn't make the cut of 16 artists to join the contest. People still made art with the propmts from the contest including me. I made some friends from that event. Which is really cool. xD

Art Mentorship Week Eight to Eleven

The next scene for my 6 sketches project involves a city. I quickly realized that I don't know how to do them. I did a few attempts but they never look right. The buildings become too similar and boring, the scales isn't believable, and I don't know how to create interesting architecture.

Watching time-lapse Art videos isn't good for you

I get it. Watching time-lapse videos of your favorite artists gives you a boost of motivation. It makes you want to paint your own ideas. Then hours later, either you crash and burn or feel fulfilled after finishing a painting (good job!).

Art Mentorship Week Six to Seven

So it has been two weeks trying to create 6 sketches based on a story. In the first week, I tried creating a story or just an outline of a story that I could use to determine what my 6 story points would be. Luckily, a friend came to my rescue. She offered to write a story for me. You can read it here.

Art Mentorship Week Five

I feel like I learned a lot this week. I read "Framed Ink" in one day, might have gone through it too quickly. Also did the assignment for Ahmed Aldoori's "Lighting for Painting Heads/Faces" tutorial. I decided to do Ahmed's tutorial since the exercise for this week is doing shadow shape thumbnails. First, I had to study the face for some time before I started doing the assignment to refresh my memory about the face planes. Then I extracted the lighting scenarios from three images just as Ahmed instructed, and rendered my face sketches according to the three lighting situations. Still needs some work though, they don't feel solid and the planes are not clearly defined.

Art Mentorship Week Four

The problem that came up the previous week is my boring composition. Steven's primary suggestion is to start with a horizon line. I took another step adding vanishing points and a grid. I noticed a drawback to this since with the grid, I tend to immediately draw things along with the lines. That could be helpful, but I think that by adding a grid I limited myself to that perspective. Maybe I should try adding the perspective grid after I am done with my sketch.