Art Mentorship Week Three

I did more of the same exercises as the previous week. Still a bit unproductive though, I got hooked with playing "No Man's Sky". It is a beautiful game. With that, I ended up with only a couple of thumbnails for the exercise. What' different is that ideas flowed much easier than before. The tips Steven gave me helped.

Art Mentorship Week Two

This week was unproductive. I tried my best to do the exercise but I struggled to get myself to put something on the canvas. In a sense I was paralyzed, the exercise that Steven gave me this week showed me all the skills I don't have yet. The top three problems I saw were these: I can't come up with an idea, scaling issues (related to perspective), and character gestures. Steven gave me tips to overcome these problems.

Art Mentorship Week One

If you don’t already know, I love art. I love looking at them, and I try to make my own as well. I’ve been drawing since childhood, but I started getting kinda serious about it about 5 years ago when I bought my first drawing tablet. From then on I tried improving on my own. Watching youtube videos, reading about art concepts to make my art better. You could see most of my artwork on my instagram page.

The app that won $15k worth of crypto

Late last year, I was introduced to Blockstack through Lambda School. At that point, I was about to finish 7 months long Full Stack web development course. Which means I needed to start my job search pretty soon. However, I didn't want to do that... yet.

An open source Facebook groups alternative

I don’t use Facebook that much as a platform to share with the public. But, I do like the groups feature. I like sharing with people with the same mindset or goals as I do. But as more and more privacy issues Facebook has, I get more hesitant to use it.

Hello World

Hello World! I am finally writing a blog. Not that I haven't tried doing it before, but its for real this time.